About us


Arabian Sand Tours is cultural and educational

You learn more about the Bedouin life, the life of the mountain people and the city life with Salalah as second largest town in Oman and the second capital of Dhofar.

Arabian Sand Tours re-open your five senses

During the tours for example you experience the archaeological sites still telling the stories about the ancient incense trade and you witness the century old ritual of harvesting the Frankincense trees. The marvelous incenses and perfumes are still in use in the daily life of the Omani people.

Arabian Sand Tours is looking closely to three landscapes

We tell you particular stories about the ‘coastal plain,’ the ‘flora and fauna’of the mountains and the ‘life in the desert’.

“To welcome you in to the daily life of Omani culture I established the “Arabian Sea Villas” in 2007. A small guest house in Arabian style with 22 rooms with direct access to the white sandy beach in South Dahariz.”

“Marhaba, Welcome into the world of Arabian Sand Tours and Arabian Sea Villas!”

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