Cultural Day Tour

Beside nature there are also the people living in it. In the case of the ‘Cultural day tour,’ we are talking about the lifestyle of the tribes of the Dhofar mountain Range, particularly ‘Al Qara Mountain.’

Thesiger, the British explorer and travel writer, who awaited the arrival of the Bedouins who would travel with him in the Rub al Khali in 1945, visited the Jebel on a short camel journey. His marvellous pictures of tribesmen are published in his book ‘Arabian Sands.’  During the drive, photo stops of camels wandering around are a must. The camels lead us to their farmers, were camel milk but also goats milk is tasted. Drinking tea or coffee with the locals in the villages we pass, and talking about the daily life, is also an experience on its own.

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The magic of the Khareef, the south west monsoon, makes once a year (from July till September) the whole ‘Jebel Al Qara’ green. The views are romantic, with rolling grassy slopes and vast, rocky wadis. This Jebel overlooks the ‘Rocky Desert,’ better known as the Nejd, the landscape between the mountain and the sandy desert, the Rub al Kahli. The rocky desert home old storage houses where you can experience the great trade of the frankincense in the past. Picnic-lunches in caves – the former habitat of the Bedouin – where pure salt was collected….are also just one of the possibilities.

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Cultural day tour 8 till 9 hours, only by 4WD

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