Experience the real meaning of the Rub Al Khali, better know as The Empty Quarter

The ‘Rub al Khali,’ in English translated as the ‘Empty Quarter’ is one of the largest sand deserts in the world. With temperatures that on an average summer day can easily rise to 55 degree Celsius the area has seldom been inhabited. That’s why the Bedouins only skirt the edges of the desert with dunes over 330 metres and the desert changes three times of colour the deeper you go. Rub al Khali is also well known for his sabkha’s or salt deposits on the surface mostly in front of desert dunes. Dry lakes are frequented by geodes, hollow rocks lined with quartz crystals, a natural phenomenon that still keeps the geologists busy.

…to experience the real meaning of the Rub Al Khali better known as the Empty Quarter the  driving is then close to the Saudi Arabian border.

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WELCOME IN THE NEW CAMP where you can enjoy your stay in the silence of the desert (more pictures to see in the Gallery)

Our guides are all Bedouins. Meaning, they know the desert very well. Of course! The desert is still their home. That’s why the services we give are named ‘Arabian Sand Tours!’ No GPS is needed to find our way, even in the most remote places. Arabian Sand Tours guides are very well equipped and most important, have the knowledge of the arid environment with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Arabian Sand Tours goal is to make from your trip a highlight during your stay in Dhofar. Overnight for 1 to 10 days only on request; all camping equipment, breakfast, lunch, dinner included. 8 to 10 days tour in Rub Al Khali gives  you chance to discover the best parts of Rub Al khali and  to understand the  Bedouins life. We also  provide fixed camp for special request. We provide programs for individuals, media, business incentives, VIP’s !!!

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