Full-day Tour, west of Salalah, plus to the Yemen border via Al Qamar mountain

Al Qamar mountain,’is part of the Mountain Range of Dhofar. The Mountain Range was uplifted as part of the process of creating the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden plate separation, which began some 30 million years ago. Near the coast large faults create impressive cliffs. Driving to and through this mountain with strong landscape sceneries, is re-using all the senses. The only road, we can take to drive to the Yemeni border is the Mughsayl-Sarfait road, the famous ‘zig/zag road.’ During the trip breathtaking hair pin bends offers incredible, beautiful panoramas…

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In this part of Dhofar grows frankincense and deeper into the mountain dragon trees, and desert roses.

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But don’t be surprised that the Arabian Sea which is ever present, along this mountain range, offers ‘another’ beach experience you are used to. The steepy drive to ‘Al Fasayah’ beach, a sandy-stone beach, will seduce you for an overnight. Certainly with full moon you will understand the power and energy of Al Qamar mountain.

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The fishing villages ‘Rakhut,’ with a very old mosque with Hadramaut interior design, and ‘Dalkut’ are the last places in the south-west of the Sultanate before the Yemeni border. Both are a visit more than worthwhile.

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FD West tour 8 till 10 hours only by 4WD, picnic-lunch included,

 !!! overnight camping on request !!!

 NOTE: Swimming during the tours is possible, the average temperature of the Arabian Sea is about 28°C !!!


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