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Desert talks-part 2

Sunday 23th it’s World Book Day. In Oman you don’t need a book to discover the area. In the north, the geology of the landscape is an open book, geologists told me. In Dhofar the geology of the landscape is a more hidden matter. That’s why perhaps it is also the region where the magic rituals of the frankincense still exist. The ‘Rub al Khali’ has seldom been inhabited. That’s why local call this ecological region the ‘Empty Quarter.’

Geologists nicknamed the Rub al Khali , the ‘Valuable Quarter,’ caused by findings of plant species and 24 different birds. Studies have shown that as recently as 40.000 years ago this desert was an area of lakes and rivers, where water buffalo’s thrived…The protected sandgrouse adapted to the desert, is one of the rarest of the Sultanate’s bird species. Rarely found by birdwatchers, this bird can even out fly a falcon. To reach spotting area’s you better take a guide with you…

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